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Javier Collazo Lopez is a rising American teen actor that grew up in Huntsville, AL, and is currently living in Orlando, FL. He fell in love with acting when he was ten while playing a role in his school’s production of The Lion King Jr.. Since then, he has acted in many musical theater productions and has recently branched out to independent films, displaying his versatility in the types of roles he has successfully taken. While Javier loves to act, he also enjoys singing, learning the keyboard, playing soccer, playing video games, and swimming. He also enjoys going to the beach and working out at the nearby gym.


Javier has quite a few new projects coming out soon. Javier takes the role of young Will in The Son, an episodic that modernizes the well-known parables from the Bible. The pilot will premiere March 2021 and the episodes will be released late this year. He also plays a role in Stand Out, a short film that brings to light the current issues that face biracial Americans in modern society. He is the nonbinary friend that offers his support to the main character who struggles with being biracial and “not looking the part”. Another project that just wrapped up is a web series called Dream Weaver Chronicles Unity: A New Dawn, which will debut March 31st, 2021 on YouTube. Don't forget to tune in!


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